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02:14pm 03/11/2004
mood: aggravated
Well America, you got what you deserved.
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09:58am 18/03/2004
mood: discontent
Jeez, I've been going through a dry spell when it comes to writing. I haven't worked on a story, macro or otherwise, in the longest time. Most likely it's because I've been so friggin' busy with life (stupid, stupid life. Always getting in my way). The only time I actually find myself writing anything is when I'm writing an essay (mental note to self: try to take less writing intensive classes next semester. Wait. I'm an English major. That won't work. Goddammit). But I'll try to work on something soon. Er, maybe.

I also have to work on some drawings, too. I have so many requests and trades that I'll be doing them for the rest of my life (although why anyone really wants a picture by me is something I will never understand. My complete lack of artistic talent is kinda depressing, actually.)I've been putting some of my trades off for the longest time. If I really like the subject of a drawing, I can finish it in a day. But if I'm not really into it, then it takes me months to do...which is the case with some of these requests. Oh, well. Better get off my lazy behind and get to work.
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09:03pm 05/10/2003
mood: apathetic
Did a new macrofurry picture, but it didn't turn out right. As usual. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Blagh.
Might as well.   
06:03pm 01/09/2003
mood: satisfied

What Is Your Battle Cry?

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11:54am 01/09/2003
mood: drained
First: my head hurts.

Second: I managed to write another story. Once again, it's a giant one, but that's okay. I'm more into giants than giantesses anyway, and besides, there's tons of collages, pictures, and stories dealing with the latter on the Internet. Just type in "giantess stories" into Google or Yahoo, and you're sure to find oodles of them. It's a lot harder to find good, heterosexual giant material. Which is a pity.
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Yes! I have finally updated!   
12:51pm 21/07/2003
mood: happy
After being lazy for way too long, I finally produced some new art and a story. The story, "Line of Succession," was inspired (at least, partially) from Sir Frank Dicksee's painting, La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Mmmmm, that knight-guy is really, really hot.
12:15pm 28/04/2003
  I couldn't resist.

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Rawr! Smashing and killing is right up your alley! Finding a city to flatten makes your day. Feh, who cares about those stupid littles anyway? They just get in the way, when they're not being used as amusing toys!

Want to know what kind of macrophile you are? Take the macroquiz at Lofty Bearing!
05:33pm 22/04/2003
mood: productive
Happy Earth Day!


Finished a new story and drawing. The drawing, well, it needs help. It has some serious anatomical problems, but meh. I'll just redo it or work on another. Most likely the latter, I think.
08:32pm 05/04/2003
mood: artistic
Finished a short (as in, incredibly short) story that is based upon this drawing:

Whee! Giant goat guys!
10:46am 27/03/2003
mood: blah
Did another story, a reworking of the old Pygmalion myth. Of course, it's evil >:). I wanted to do an illustration for it, but I don't have time, and there's too many other things that I want to do instead.
09:21am 17/03/2003
mood: creative
Yay, updated the ol' website. I attempted a comic, but it isn't anything spectacular. My drawing skills need improvement. A lot of improvement.

Still, I think I may try another comic. I already have an idea forming in my evil brain >:)May be awhile before I actually get to it, since one of my friends conned me into doing an online comic strip with him. Hmmmm, Nyx doing non-evil, funny stuff. It'll be interesting to see how that works out.
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03:42pm 17/02/2003
mood: good
I'll be posting updates for my website and my musings on the world, however bizarre they may be! Yay!